Nevada West Motor Sports - My Terminator Terminated in one week

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I live in Nevada, and there was a company out here that sold these Terminator ATV's.This company folded.

I had the ATV one week before it started it's problems. The guy took it back to work on it, saying it was the float in the gas tank or something. After a few weeks we finally got it back. My husband drove over to our babysitters house to give the kids a ride.

He called to say that he was having problems yet again. I got there and he was trying to get it going. The throttle on this thing stuck and it took off at full speed across a field and headed toward a fairly busy main road. All of a sudden it turned and started heading right back to us.

I dodged it in my truck and narrowly missed the neighbors $100k RV and slammed into a tree. This piece of garbage that I paid almost 2k for is still sitting in my yard. That isn't the end. We took it to another company out here and the man said it was the starter.

After removing it, he informed us that the serial number had been scratched off. This thing may have been stolen. We still have never been able to replace the starter to see if we can fix it. I have found no recourse since this guy closed down.

If I could get a part and try to get it working that would be great.

Although with the throttle sticking I dought it is even safe.

Another angry customer.

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